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....with TRIPLE J and K.S.H.S


Hi, I'm Liam and I just joined. I found this community through prixxie's journal, and it looks really good.
I will definitely be participating in the October 29th Swap, I'm just sorry I missed the last one. Also, about how many songs is good per CD? 15?
Thanks for reading!

Got me a mix tape

Got my mix tapes in the mail the other day, i haven't had a chance to listen to em yet. But by the looks of things i think they'll sound great.

Big thanks goes out to __outofmymind for organising the whole thing and i hope that it'll continue

I was really disapointed to hear that only 4 sets of mix tapes were recieved, i thought that cause we've got 46 members we could have at least russelled up a few entries

Untill next swap,


Round 4, Due: October 29th?

Attention all members,

I was just wondering for the next CD Swap if October 29th will give everyone enough time to get CD’s together? In the last swap I only had 4 people (including myself take part). Many thanks to prixxie, artbroken & scarlet_arts for the great mixes though! I still really do want to keep this community alive, and I know that everyone can get really busy (with Uni, work and family commitments). So if the next swap goes ahead and due in on October 29th, will that be enough time?

Once again, CD’s are to go to:

CD Swap
PO Box 1705
Milton BC QLD 4064


hey just wondering...

I was just wondering if anyone is planning on going to The Falls Festival in Lorne on New Years this year. I am thinking of going as it sounds like it will be awesome this year. I just wanted to know if there were other people planning on going.


artbroken, I received your CD's during the week. Thanks!

Aug. 6th, 2004

I just saw this community in someone else's user info, read about it and thought it sounded like a really interesting way to hear new music.
And hey, even if I am late for the last one, it just means there's more time for me to gather more bands for my mix cds.


prixxie & scarlet_arts; I received your CDs in the mail yesterday. Nice mixes.
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