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is this community as dead as it looks?

Who is in for a Swap?

Woah! It's been a while since I've posted here trying to organise a swap, but let's see how this thing goes. Who's with me? ingole, kitsiana, anyone?

I'm still working out details of when the next swap could take place, or how many people would be interested. Seeing that it's Christmas, I don't know if people have other things on, therefore they wouldn't be able to make the mixes, or if they would like it to happen around Christmas time?

Plaese people, make some comments, let me know what is good, when you want this to take place. I'm rather flexable on times. If you've got any questions, comments, please post below, or email __outofmymind@livejournal.com


Evermore songs?

Hey everyone,

could someone please upload the following songs by Evermore?

- Dreaming...pt. 1
- Everyone (moving on)

Thank you so much in advance!

Aug. 7th, 2005

Hi all, noob here ;)

I've read the FAQ yet it doesn't say when/if there is a swap after April this year.
I'm a big fan of music trivia and 'interesting' music so I figure this'd be a hoot.

What's been everone's thoughts on previous swaps?
hey everyone this is a great idea i like the sounds of it its a great way to get music because my town has one shitty cd storewell i shall be going now to make my cd's to send i was wondering can i have more then 1 song from 1 person on it or cand i have more then 1 ?

It's coming....

It's been forever in the waiting--

After much drama having my internet connection disconnected, plently of phone calls to Telstra to have a phone line connected, then for the ADSL, I'm back up and running, and my suggestion for an April 31st 2005 CD Swap.

If there are any questions, comments, or whatever, drop me an email at __outofmymind@livejournal.com, or email me for an address to send the CDs to.

heya all........

Newbie here!!
I'm Melissa, from Wyong, NSW
This is such a cool idea..
I will definitley be taking part in the january '05 swap!!
SO a nice selection of a wide varitey of music is preferred on each CD?? hehehe.. this is gonna be fun!!
Hey guys and girls! This is just a quick promotion for my new community, aus_oth. It’s the only live journal community for Australian fans of the new show One Tree Hill.

So come join aus_oth if you don’t want the horrible spoilers similar American communities give!

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i just joined this place, it seems neat. i'll be participating in the next swap, just - how much is national postage with packages? is it still 50c or more?




....with TRIPLE J and K.S.H.S