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Sharin' the music love across Australia.

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The purpose of the community is to share mix cds you create with the other members of the community. You burn two cds with music you think others will find interesting, and send them to an address I provide you with, along with a stamped self-addressed padded envelope. I will then mix up the cds and send two each to everyone who participated, in the envelopes they provided. In the end, all participants will have lots of new music to check out, and it won't cost more than a few bucks for blank cds and postage.

For information regarding how the CD Swap works, please read the FAQ Section.

Community Info/History
Community was originally started by the_auror who got the idea from ooner, who runs cd_swap. Then it was handed over to ingole who, all by herself planned the first ever swap (which I believe was a great success). And now, I'm Nick (__outofmymind), the third official organiser here.